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Careers at Amtex

Be a part of the Amtex Auto Insurance team

As we expand and extend along this great state of Texas, we are always looking for responsible, honest, energetic, and efficient personnel. If you meet these criteria and would like a new career change, then we want to meet you.

Send us your resume at

Which area or location are you applying for? *

(You may select more than one, increasing your chances of find an opening.) 

Are you over the age of 18 and have valid authorization to work in the United States? *

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If hired, when are you available to start? *  

Our business hours are from 9am-7pm Mon-Fri & 10am-5pm on Sat. A full time position averages 45-50 hours per week. Do you want to apply for a Full Time or Part Time position? *

Are you currently enrolled in school/college or planning to start? *  



Have you heard about Amtex before applying for this job? If Yes, Where? *  

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In your most recent or current job, how many hours did you work each week? *  

List previous employers and work title *  

What are your salary/pay expectations? *  

Thanks for applying! We'll be in touch with you.

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